Catamarans, Catamarans...

The fleet ist growing: Out Now the EAGLE 20 C MKII and a spectacular 20-foot-foiler - the EAGLE 20 HF. Besides the succsessful 18 and 20-foot-catamarans several option models of a new 15-foot  beach-catamaran and a 16-foot sport catamaran make part of the program.  (click on one of the icons above an page through all EAGLE designs)

Heiner Wolfshoefer ist always ready to answer your questions: 


Heiner Wolfshoefer
Stadelner Str. 27
D-91735 Muhr am See


Tel.: +49 (0) 9831 50 169


Heiner Wolfshoefer, the brain behind all EAGLE catamarans, loves to sail fast and to win.

For example: first finisher Centomiglia, Lake Garda, Italy with his Black EAGLE 20 carbon


Eagle 20 Carbon wins Blue Band Balaton 2014

The Eagle 20 carbon wins the biggest Round Lake Sailing event in Europe. The Crew needed 9 hours, 49 minutes to pass the line of the the Hungarian Balaton long range race (200 km) in new record time. Heinert, Michael and Eva dominates the 20-foot-class and became the sixth boat home of 500 Boats. Congrats...

How it all began

It started with this cup: First Finisher Texel Round

The success story of the EAGLE-catamarans began in 2004 winning the worldfamous catamaran race Texel Round. Since then the continously growing community of EAGLE saylors keeps collecting silver cups on nearly all european racing courses, at national and international championships, in club races...

The EAGLE concept - fast design, best materials, lowest weight at highest stiffness - wows not only racing saylors and Pros but also ambitious fun sailors. The high quality level of all components makes EAGLE catamarans a purchase of extraordinary constant value which apart from their enormous speed potential makes a big difference to many other boats...

Carbon is better

Stark und schön (Klick-Vergrößerung)

Up to 80% lighter than steel and up to 400% more tensile strength than aluminum: carbon is unbeatable the best material to build fast catamarans. The picture shows the high-strength connection between hull and front beam of an EAGLE 20 carbon.

How to find Catstadl

CATSTADL - the home of all EAGLE catamarans is based in Muhr (south Germany). Here you can meet Heiner Wolfshoefer, test your EAGLE catamaran at the lake Altmuehl nearby or just enjoy a relaxed weekend in Frankonia and its numerous touristic spots.

EAGLE 20 HF: Team Gaebler tests the new foiling catamaran: "Exciting!...We love it!"

Germany´s most famous cat-sailors Roland and Nahid Gaebler (TEAM GAEBLER) did some test flights with the brandnew foiling Cat made in Germany. " We got the chance to test the EAGLE 20 HF on wonderful Day under best sailing conditions. We are absolutely excited! This boat is pure fun and gives you sensational feelings...!

Full report by the multiple Tornado World Champions (an many more...) plus more pictures here...

EAGLE 20 HF: Innovative 20-Foot-Foiler reaches Top Speed 36,8 knots!

Exciting and und affordable: This foiling catamaran costs only 2000 EURO more than the standard 20-foot-EAGLE!

This Catamaran will push sailing on small sports catamarans to new frontiers of excitement and speed! Already before the hightec foiling monsters of the last America"s Cup changed the image of catamaran sailing forever the EAGLE team did researches on the  "low-flying" with smaller boats. Now the result of these efforts becomes reality: the EAGLE 20 HF (HF stands for HydoFoil). New and optimized hull shape, hightec foils at daggerboards and rudderblades, a total width of 335 cms and a 33-sqm-genacker are designed for an easy lift off and a steady flight. You can expect remarkably more speed :
Top Speed measured: 36,8 knots at 25 knots wind, no Spi, jib only, halfwind..!)
Orders will be handled according to date.
(More info to come. Please contact Heiner Wolfshöfer by email.) Tel.: +49 (0) 9831 50 16 9

EAGLE 20 C: New hull design and C-shaped Daggerboards

Better performance, more speed, more fun: the EAGLE 20 C catamaran (Design by Wolfshöfer & Henn)

Better performance, more speed, more fun: the EAGLE 20 C catamaran (Design by Wolfshöfer & Henn)

A negative bow and a optimized hull shape are the clearly visable attributes of the new 20-foot catamaran by EAGLE. Towards the stern the design shows more width and a flatter shape for more buoyant force and better gliding. The new C-bowed daggerboards give the even more buoyancv which leads to less resistance and higher speed. The spinnacker sail area is now 30 sqm. In spite of many more optimized details the price of the new EAGLE 20 C catamaran will be the same as for the "classic" EAGLE 20 CARBON. (Please contact Heiner Wolfshöfer by email or give him a call. Tel.: +49 (0) 9831 50 16 9)


The brandnew EAGLE 24 Ocean sailing in front the Cape of Good Hope. In the background Cape Town and the Table Mountain. (Foto: Maristella Colluci)


On march 21th they left the harbour trying to cross the Atlantic on a 3,500 nautical mile journey from Cape Town, South Africa to Rio, Brazil. After several decades and more than 30,000 miles of sailing some of the most extreme routes, Beto Pandiani and his crew Igor Bely now conquered the 3,500 miles separating South Africa from Brazil. Cape “Town-Rio”, of course non stop. His new EAGLE 24 OCEAN catamaran is made in carbon, light and fast. His crew Igor Bely already crossed the Pacific with Beto. Their goal was to generate media promotion for an unique beachcat Cruise and their "GREENER PLANET" campaign.

Beto Pandiani is already a legend, those trips are beyond our imagination for us common sailors. The experience and sights and speed achieved on boths poles are for sure unique in the sailing world. 
More information and pictures here.... 


The EAGLE 16 SPORT Catamaran

This design study shows a thrilling shape: the brandnew EAGLE 16 S

In 2011 With the sailing season starting a new EAGLE enters the class 16-foot catamaran racing scenery. Some of its features: Carbon mast, carbon beams, carbon rudderblades and double trapeze. The Pentex sails are made by Landenberger, all fittings by Harken, no compromises are made. The concept is a challenge for all competitors: its enourmous speed potential and easy handling is unique . More informations of the EAGLE 16 Sport catamaran here...

The EAGLE 15 Beach: fast & uncomplicated

EAGLE 15 Beach

The EAGLE 15 Beach standardly is equipped with a trapeze.

Now available: a 15-feet-catamaran with everything which made EAGLE-catamarans so much sought-after by racing cat sailors during the last years: hard-edged designed for sailing fast, much carbon, perfectly taylored Pentex-sails, best fittings, in short: everything which the ambitious cat sailor loves during the weekends or in his holidays.  More informations about this daggerboard-free catamaran


EAGLE 18HT CARBON: the champions choice

EAGLE 18HT carbon

The EAGLE 18HT carbon takes it all.

What an impressive constancy: Andi Lutz and Micca Huber with their EAGLE 18HT Carbon SUI10  finished all (!) 10 races of the European Championship 2009 place one with no exception! Also at the SWISS CUP 2009 - the suisse18HT-race serie (2 x Lake Thun, Lake Geneva, Lake Constance, Lac de Joux) the two likeable experts left all their competitors behind: 5 races - 5 times first finisher.  On top of everything: With their EAGLE 18HT Carbon, which is primarily designed for the European inland lakes, both Suisse sailors won also first place of the open Class at the ROUND TEXEL 2009, the world famous catamaran race round the dutch island. We congratulate! 

More informations about the 18HT catamarans...

Watch the awesome video of the high-flying EAGLE-team produced by Richard Werder:

EAGLE ocean: Bluewater sailing on a 20-foot-Catamaran


The EAGLE Ocean carbon on its way to Greenland

The EAGLE 20 Ocean during the expedition of the Brazilian sailing extremist Beto Pandiani to the polar circle passed its hardest test. Without noteworthy damages it overcame extreme temperaturs, strongest winds und hardest swell: Kevlar reinforcements of the hulls and waterproof compartments would have kept the catamaran flotable - even if damages caused by ice floes or flotsam would have occured. Wings and double trapezes, 3 reefs, a furling system, waterproof storage in both hulls of the EAGLE 20 Ocean are a significant difference to the plain racing version.

More informations about the EAGLE-20 ocean catamaran you find here...