Short Profile EAGLE 20 C

• Full Carbon Race Catamaran 

• extremly fast

• perfect trim

• Carbon mast

• Carbon rudder system

•Carbon C-daggerboards

• Pentex sails

• Double trapeze

• Triradial-Spi (optional)

• Carbon Spi pole (opt.)

• Carbon Snuffer (opt.)

• Harken fittings

• transport on trailer

• Black Edition: carbon fibre visible (optional)

On principle

Like any other EAGLE this catamaran too is equipped with well-chosen high quality fittings by Harken.

Powering the EAGLEs

Amongst racing sailors Landenberger sails have an excellent reputation. All EAGLE catamarans are equipped with these highly efficient sails by default.

the sum of details

Careful manufacturing, best materials, well positioned fittings and all the possibilities for perfect trimming make the EAGLE 20 C one of most exciting catamarans of its class. Sailors from all over Europe appreciate the extraordinary speed potential as well ass the long-life cycle and lasting value of this unique catamaran.

EAGLE 20 CARBON details
EAGLE 20 CARBON details
EAGLE 20 CARBON details
EAGLE 20 CARBON details
EAGLE 20 CARBON details
EAGLE 20 CARBON details
EAGLE 20 CARBON details
EAGLE 20 CARBON details
EAGLE 20 CARBON details
EAGLE 20 CARBON details
EAGLE 20 CARBON details


CATSTADL - the home of all EAGLE catamarans is based in Muhr (south Germany). Here you can meet Heiner Wolfshoefer, test your EAGLE catamaran at the lake Altmuehl nearby or just enjoy a relaxed sailing weekend in Frankonia and its numerous touristic spots. Please appoint a date:

Heiner Wolfshöfer
Stadelner Str. 27
D-91735 Muhr am See
email: info(at)eagle-cat(dot)com
Tel.: +49 (0) 9831 50 169

EAGLE 20 C MKII: New hull design and C-shaped Daggerboards

Bessere Performance, mehr Speed, mehr Spaß: der neue EAGLE 20 C bietet von allem mehr - zum gleichen Preis wie der "klassische" EAGLE 20 Carbon.

A negative bow and a optimized hull shape are the clearly visable attributes of the new 20-foot catamaran by EAGLE. Towards the stern the design shows more width and a flatter shape for more buoyant force and better gliding. The new C-bowed daggerboards give the even more buoyancv which leads to less resistance and higher speed. The spinnacker sail area is now 30 sqm. In spite of many more optimized details the price of the new EAGLE 20 C catamaran will be the same as for the "classic" EAGLE 20 CARBON. (Please contact Heiner Wolfshöfer by email or give him a call. Tel.: +49 (0) 9831 50 16 9)

EAGLE 20 C catamaran seen from the stern

The modern shape of the hulls towards the stern: more width, more volume,and a flatter bottom for faster gliding.

Designing the EAGLE 20 C MKII the team Wolfshoefer/Henn followed strictly the quality guidelines which made EAGLE wellknown. The catamaran is robust and made to perform under the tough conditions of racing as well as normal weekend or holiday use.

Very effective high aspect sails creates enormous propulsion, the width of 3,20 meters  dissipates this power into speed. The Catamaran has enough buoyancy for the waves and therefore can be sailed safely under various conditions. It allows double trapaze sailing from 2 bfts on and is still well controllable at 6 bfts. Spi flying is possible from 1 bft on.

Already the standard version makes no compromises regarding the high quality fittings, ropes, sails and materials. This and the enormous strength and stability in spite of the minimized weight is the reason for the lasting value of this beautiful catamaran.

EAGLE 20 Carbon catamaran
EAGLE 20 Carbon catamaran
EAGLE 20 Carbon catamaran

TecSpecs and Prices


Length: 6,10 m / 20 feet

Beam: 3,20 m 

Mast length: 10,50 m 

Main sail area: 22 m2 (incl Mast)

Jib sail area: 5 m2

Spinnaker Sail Area: 30 m2

Weight read-to-sail (incl. spinnaker): ca. 160 kgs

Hull Construction: Carbon/Epoxy Sandwich 

Price: 26.656,00 € incl. tax (Netto: 20 900,00€)

Standard Equipment

• Carbon-Epoxy Sandwich Hulls (hull weight 30kg), Color: white

• Carbon Mast  incl. Carbon spreaders and Fittings

• Carbon Mast Rotator, positive and negative adjustment

• Carbon Front and Rear Crossbar

• Carbon Dolphin Striker

• Carbon Daggerboards

• Carbon Boom

• Carbon Tiller Tie Bar

• Carbon Telescope-Joystick

• Carbo Harken Autoratschet Mainsheet system 10:1

• Harken Traveller

• Tapered Mainsheet 6-9 mm

• Square-Top Pentex Mainsail 

• Foam Battens

• Dy Form shrouds

• Diamonds rod wires

• Dyna One Adjustable Double Trapeze system

• Mesh Trampoline with an unique ergonomical layout 

Optional Equipment

Spi kit, complete

Asym. Spi: 30 qm 

Carbon-Spi pole 4 m x 60 mm

Carbo Autoratschet blocks (4)

Spi halyard Dyneema

Spi sheet Dyneema light 

with Spi snuffer soft system carbon 

3034,50 € incl. tax

( Netto (2 550,00 €)

Jib 5 m2 with selftracking system 

by Harken, complete


Price: 2.023,00 €  (incl. tax)

(Netto 1 700,00 €)




Euro Trax with cradles

Preis 580.- € (incl. tax)

( Netto 500.- € )


Price: 666.- € (incl. tax)

(Netto 560,34 €)



Surface/ Color Options:

Visible Carbon structur (Black edition): Price 2.380,- € incl. Tax (2.000,- € Netto)

Any other Color: 595,- € incl. tax  (500,- € Netto)

All prices include tax, but exclude transport costs from Muhr/Germany.

Prices and technical alterations subject to change.

(vers. 1.2014)